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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Affiliate Project X

Affiliate Project X - Rip off or Bargain of the Year?

Chris McNeeney, who wrote the hugely successful Adwords Miracle, has provoked a storm of interest with his latest offering, so I thought I'd better have a look and see what all the fuss was about.

Having downloaded and printed the ebook, the first thing I did was read it through and then read it again with highlighter in hand, I'd downloaded it around 8pm and by the time I'd finished it was Midnight, but boy was I excited. It may be small in size but it's huge in content and packed full of excellent tips and techniques for generating a decent income.

First off Affiliate Project X is not just another manual about affiliate marketing, there are more than enough of those out there already. Although you may already know some of the techniques such as squeeze pages and building a list, this ebook describes in great detail how to go about it.

There are 50 pages of decent content with each method written down step by step - all you have to do is follow them, it's also written in normal font, instead of some manuals that say they're 50 pages long only to find that they've been written in size 14 font and double spacing - so no scrimping on content.

The main part of Affiliate Project X describes six different techniques that can be implemented immediately. Each one is described step by step, all you have to do is pick a method, put your blinkers on and follow the instructions. Some of the techniques are easy enough for even the newest newbie but in truth, none of them require much technical knowledge, and all can be done reasonably quickly. You should see a fairly fast result if you follow the steps carefully. Here is a quick precis of the different techniques.

Part 1 - Introduction

In part 1 Chris outlines the reasons why he put Project X together, the basics of affiliate marketing and the affiliate networks and a brief precis of PPC marketing.

Part 2 - The Methods

The Leech

Sounds revolting and black hat, but no it's not (on both counts!) A very simple technique that can be set up very quickly. Using not only examples from Clickbank and Adwords, he actually shows you how he set up one his own campaigns using this method - which earnt him $5000 in August of this year - although why anyone in their right mind would do such a thing, particularly when the product in question is still such a big seller, is beyond me. Chris shows you how to find the best product to promote and using his example write your own campaign.

The Affiliate Diary

Using the list method. You know the saying "the money's in the list". Well I've got news for you - they're right! I know that when I started out the last thing I wanted to do was build a list, it seemed a very daunting prospect. Don't let it put you off, it's nowhere near as hard as you might think and all the steps are once again described in detail.

The Workhorse

This is what Chris calls the 'foolproof method'. But don't make the assumption that it can be done in 1 hour flat. This method will bring you between $40 - $200 per day but it's pretty repetitive work to do, so if you have a low boredom threshold you might want to think twice about earning your money using this method. Having said that, it's easy to do, requires absolutely no capital whatsoever and there's plenty of resources to help you achieve your goal. Once you've done the repetitive work then you can sit back (for a while) and watch the money come in.

Thief in the Night

Or as Chris puts it 'how to steal from the super-affiliates'!- Yes, this also sounds 'black hat' but rest assured, it's not. This is another - no capital required - method and so ridiculously simple you'll wonder why you'd never thought of it.

Copy the Best - Part 2

If you've read his Adwords Miracle,guide, then you'll recognise that this is a spin off of the same techniques as outlined in that ebook. This does involve some capital input (although not much considering the returns are around $100 per day within the space of 30 days) and a degree of spying on the competition (I'll say no more).

The Opportunist

This is all to do with timing and spotting a product on the up. Chris shows how to find the most likely products for you to make money as an affiliate and what to do with it once you find it.

Part 3 - Advanced Tricks and Underrated Promotion Methods

A collection of more advance affiliate marketing methods such as 'cloaking' (ssshhh) and affiliate tracking, to name but two, to help you grow your online marketing business.

The great advantage of having this manual is that it shows a variety of methods for making money on the internet and if you just dip in anywhere there's bound to be at least one method that you could try straight away and see results. Personally, I tried the first method as soon as I read the manual (in spite of being told to read it twice before doing anything) and I made a return on investment straight away.

So in conclusion, far from being a rip off and in spite of being very sceptical at first, I would say wholeheartedly a resounding - yes, it is a bargain. I was totally bowled over by the content in this concise little book and strongly suggest that if you want to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing that you get Affiliate Project X. (There's even an 8 week money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you don't make any money)

At the moment it is a being offered at the pre-launch price - that's less than half price - but it could go up any time soon. Affiliate Project Xget it today.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Easy to Use Website Tools

Easy Web Tools

There are many website tools on the net, some easier than others. For information on some easy webtools including a terrific way to earn PPC commissions just for searching go to Squidoo

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Get Traffic to your Website for Nothing

I'm always looking for ways to increase the traffic on my websites, and I've been lucky enough to come across this free report on the 77 Ways to Increase Traffic. from Allan Gardyne of Associate Programs. There are some great tips including how to use:-

Social Bookmarking
The value of unique content
Getting one ways links
Using blogs to increase traffic to your site

and 73 other valuable ideas too good to miss out on.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Create Your Own Website

Thinking about creating your own website can be a mammoth task. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to think about how to create a website and learn HTML at the same time? Wouldn't you like to be able to leave all that HTML stuff to the experts? Well, now you can.

I know that when I first started to look online for information on creating your own website that there was so much information out there that it was difficult to wade through the dross and hype, knowing who to believe was half the battle! Thankfully I stumbled across Site Build It (SBI) and boy am I glad I did!

I cannot recommend Site Build It (SBI) highly enough. If you're creating your own website for the first time, Site Build It is definitely the one to go for. Not only do you not need to know any HTML, it also comes complete with a day by day Action Guide and video tutorials. What I really liked about SBI when I was creating my own website was the full support and help that is available in both the forums and via the SBI support desk. The other big plus was finding out that once you bought SBI you didn't have anything else to buy, it was all there for you, unlike many other website creator packages where you seem to be constantly bombarded with emails telling you that in order for the website to work you need to buy endless upgrades & add-ons.

There truly is nothing like SBI on the market.

Still hesitating? Want to see for FREE? Go Ahead.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website

Discover how to create your own website. You can create your own website without any knowledge of HTML. Get full support when you create your own website.